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Online Violin Lessons!

Available for Weddings, Brunches, & More in South Florida!
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Classroom Grooves!

String Orchestra Arrangements

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So you got a violin...  Now what?
Streaming QuickTime Movie
pdf Sheet Music

Easy One Octave Scales with Recorder! (New)

Major Scales in all Keys!

One, Two, and Three Octave Major, Melodic Minor, and Harmonic Minor Scales in all Keys!

Develop proper playing posture!

Make a good bow hold!

(Scroll down for more!  There's ten+ years of files here...)

Why doesn't my bow make a sound?

Tune your violin!


Mexican Hat Dance  New!

Violin Fun Duets!
(Really easy pieces for beginners!)

Quartet Arrangements

Blackberry Blossom (Traditional fiddle tune arranged for violin, cello, & guitar)

Playing by the Chords Country Style Virtual DVD!

Playing by the Chords Blues Style Virtual DVD!

New Videos for Easy A Major Songs and more...

In the Hall of the Mountain King for Solo Violin

Easy Songs in "A" Major with Advanced Duet Parts!

Intermediate Songs in "D" Major with Advanced Duet Parts!

Double Pepperoni Pizza A and E String Bowing

Double Pepperoni Pizza A Major Scale

Double Pepperoni Pizza D Major Scale for Violin with Guitar Accompaniment

Double Pepperoni Pizza Twinkle!

Streaming QuickTime Movies!

Podcasts/Practice with headphones section

2008 Broward County Elementary Honors Orchestra
Don Hicks, Composer/Conductor

Guitar Lessons!

Karaoke style sing-a-long Character Education Songs
and Sheet Music by
Don and Lynn Hicks

Responsibility (New Group Arrangement)
Self Control



Notation Fun!

Other Songs

Bridal March!

Bugle Calls!

For Suzuki Students

Flash Animation of mrfiddle!

Picture of my Violins

mrfiddle (Don Hicks) Plays, "The Chicken Reel"

Karaoke National Anthem

Karaoke Rattlin' Bog

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
A piece for violin open strings!

Music Notation Flash Cards
Size to fit Screen
Advance Page by Page

Kodaly Hand Signs

The Power of Practice

Blues for Gretchen

Florida DOE (Department of Education) report on the effects of Music and Art classes on standardized test scores

mrfiddle's Blog ~ Help save Music & Art in Public Schools

for Recorder & Violin!

Holiday Medley
for Recorder & Violin!

'Twas Rap!

If you have found my page to
be helpful, and would like to
make a donation (any amount
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Old Flash Animations

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