If you are in the very beginning stages of learning to play violin, this is a good place to be!  "Double Pepperoni Pizza Twinkle" is based on the "Twinkle Variations" in the Suzuki Violin School, Volume One by Shinichi Suzuki series.  This "Double Pepperoni" variation has twice the fun for every note.  Instead of playing the four sixteenth, two eighth note rhythm ("pep-er-on-i piz- za", sometimes referred to as, "I like choco-late ice-cream") one time for each note in the "Twinkle" sequence, you double that, and have twice as much time to prepare for the next notes.

    Also, there is a "Violin Two" part that only uses the open A, D, & E strings.  So, give it a try, it will help you prepare for the real "Variation A" and more when you go to your violin lesson!  Also included here, is a guitar accompaniment page that only uses three basic guitar chords for our beginning guitar friends.

Have fun!

Quicktime Movie of the Violin Two Part
Quicktime Movie of the Violin One Part

mp3 File of the Audio Only

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