Welcome to my page on improvisation.   The pages I have included as of February, 2000 have basic chord patterns, rhythms, and MIDIs for improvising a basic country/bluegrass accompaniment in the key of "D" Major using the I, IV, V (1,4,5) (D, G, A,) standard chord progression.

  I have included each chord individually, and a couple that alternate through the other chords. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to approach improvising. The chords are all variations on the three main tones that make up each of the "D", "G", and "A" chords. There are, of course, other voicings and passing tones that you will find over time through experimentation.

Have fun!


Click here for the "D" chord MIDI file.

"D" chord voicings and MIDI file page.
"D" to "A" (I, IV) Page
"G" chord voicings and MIDI file page.
"D", "G", "A" (I, IV, V) music and MIDI files
"A" chord voicings and MIDI file page.

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