My name is Don Hicks.  I created
mrfiddle.com over ten years ago.  During that time, people of all ages, all over the world, have used my violin/fiddle files as a fun way to supplement violin studies.  I'm very pleased to announce that I am now able to offer online violin lessons. 
  To take advantage, you will need to have access to a computer and a
Skype account.  The cost of lessons is $25 per half hour lesson, payable with any major credit card.  Please send me an Email at  mrfiddle@yahoo.com for more information and/or to request a particular time slot.

I look forward to meeting with you online!
Don Hicks

1/2 Hour Violin Lesson

Images Below from an Online Skype Lesson

Skype Violin Lessons
Now Available
for Children

     I am now available for
   violin lessons online via
   Skype.  To take advantage
   of lessons, you'll need:

 1.  Fast Internet Connection
Skype Installed
 3.  Lesson payments are made

  Violin lessons can be set up at a variety of times. Send me an Email with a selection of times that would work for you, and I will try to accommodate your schedule as best as I can, based on Eastern Standard Time, EST.

  *  Parents will need to be
  present during all lessons
  with children to aide with
  technical issues, such as
  posture and tuning, and
  be available to help with
  practice between lessons.