Welcome to my new Podcasts page!  I will be adding more as time goes on...

  All 10 "Violin Fun Duets" mp3 file.   This is from my "Violin Fun Duets" section.  The ten duets are playable by students with a Suzuki Book 1 playing level.  The second violin part of the first few duets can be used by beginners with a little work.

  Echoisms  "Echoisms" is a piece I came up with to give you a chance to explore your violin.  There are four sections each having a different tone center and delay time.  You can either stream the mp3 file or download it for free for your portable player.
  I think the best way to use Echoisms, is to put on headphones, turn out the lights, and just play along.  Try to  make up your own melodies that work, or try to copy my improvisations.  "Echoisms" was created using a delay pedal.  I simply began by playing a few notes, and then continued to play and evolve as the echoes developed, then decayed.
  The name, "Echoisms" came from a performance I was giving at my son, Tim's final college art show in Pensacola, Florida.  I had been performing standards and classical pieces with accompaniment for most of the day.  Then, at Tim's suggestion, I plugged in his delay pedal, and began to improvise.  Most people that came by liked the sound quite a bit.  One patron, however, told me that she preferred "realism to echoism".  That word stuck with me, and now I'm sharing it with you.  Hope you enjoy!

  Click here for a 40 minute podcast of eight of my elementary through high school age students performing at South Florida's number one Irish restaurant and pub, "The Field".  Included at the beginning and end of the podcast, are instrumentals performed by Eamonn Dillon on the whistle, John Schreiber on DADGAD tuned acoustic guitar, Hollywood Mike on Gibson ES-175 electric guitar, and myself recorded Friday night March 24th, 2006.