Violin strings are under a great deal of tension! They can break and snap into your eyes! Be very careful! Use the "Fine Tuners" if you have them, and the string is not too far out of tune. They are the little knobs located on the tail piece. Turn them clockwise to raise the pitch and counter clockwise to lower the pitch. Before turning, however, listen to the sound of each string. Then, compare that sound to the sound of the MIDI tuning notes below. You could also try singing the note to match the pitch before adjusting the string.

  If you need to use the tuning pegs, go very carefully! You will need to hold the scroll on the opposite side of the peg you wish to tune. It will take and inward pressure from both hands to keep the peg from slipping out of place. Always come down first below the pitch. Then go slowly back up listening to the sound of the string as you go. It's very easy to go too far. So, if you have a teacher, please have him/her help you at first!

  Click on the drawing of each note to hear a Pop-up MIDI of the sound of that note.

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