The Big Shillelaghs!  Older & Bigger than Ever!!!

Tim Finnegan's
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Old, but FREE!!!
The "Raw" CD in mp3 format!

1.  Fisherman's Blues  2. The Irish Rover 
3.  Last Dance with Mary Jane  4.  Sultan's of Swing 
5. (Threesome) Cotton Eyed Joe / Devil Went Down to Georgia /
 Orange Blossom Special

6.  Wonderwall  7.  Sweet Home Alabama 
8.  Brown Eyed Girl / Play that Funky Music, White Boy
9.  Road House Blues /  Born to be Wild / Will You Stay or Will You Go

Youtube Links...
(from a band that hasn't played together in a long time!)
Youtube Videos from an evening at The Wishing Well in Boca Raton!
(Better late, than never!)

"Off to California",  "The Silver Spear", "Ride On",  "The Sultans of Swing",
Medley of "Cotton Eyed Joe, The Devil Went Down to Georgia",
and "Orange Blossom Special
"Play that Funky Music, White Boy"

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