Welcome to the Guitar Lessons page!  Here, you will find printable chord diagrams and streaming Quicktime lesson movies.  If the movies do not show up, or show up as a white background with audio, you'll need to update your Quicktime installation.  You can download the latest version of Quicktime, with or without iTunes included, at this address:  http://www.apple.com

  Parents will need to help younger students to get the best results.  Even older students will benefit from a parent checking and comparing the student's practice to the example files.

A new project!
The Stirling Guitar Slide

Stirling Guitar Slide Play Along Movie
Open D Tuning Movie for Stirling Guitar Slide
Strumming and Picking Techniques
Types of Slide Bars Movie
Chord Chart pdf file
Stirling Guitar Slide mp3 Audio Accompaniment

In the boxes below, you will find audio mp3, Streaming Quicktime Movies,
JPEGs, and pdf files to use in practicing your guitar.   Have fun!

Guitar Club Blues Live!

Horse Jam Live!

Click here for a pdf file of nine chords you should know.
Click here for the nine chords you should know video!
Happy Birthday Sheet Music
Happy Birthday mp3 file
The Guitar Club Blues
Guitar Club Blues Live!
Chords Movie    Notes Movie    Sheet Music    mp3
E minor Blues Scale
Guitar Introduction

Tab Intro.



Open String Practice 1

Open String Practice 2

"Violin & Guitar", an easy piece for both instruments!
Guitar Part Practice

Violin Part Sheet Music
Guitar Part Sheet Music
mp3 File
Open Strings & First Three
Frets Note Names

Sheet Music Page      mp3
The "C" Chord The "G" Chord
The "D" Chord

Key of D I, IV, V

Am to G


Mary Had a Little Lamb Sheet Music
with Tablature

Mary Had a Little Lamb Melody
Mary had a Little Lamb Chords

The "Am" Chord
The "Em" Chord
Am to Em Changes
Recorded Live in 2nd/3rd Grade Guitar Club Practice January 30, 2008
A to D Changes
Recorded Live in 4th/5th Grade Guitar Club Practice February 1, 2008

Power Chords

A, D, and E Power Chord Movie
A, D, and E Power Chord pdf

E, A, and B Power Chord Movie
E, A, and B Power Chord pdf

Blues Echoes

  Play along with the video.  Make up your own rhythm on the selected open string, or fretted note.  Have fun!

Blues Echoes Open Strings
Blues Echoes More Choices

Easy Two Position Blues

E Pentatonic Scale pdf
E Pentatonic Movie
I Chord Only mp3


A, D, and E Power Chord Practice Sheet Music Movie

Power Chords & Pull Offs New!
A, D, E Blues Fingers pdf
A, D, E Blues Fingers mp3
A, D, E Blues Fingers Movie
A, D, E Blues Fingers Chords

Printable Chord Charts Below!  Click on a thumbnail to open.

More movies and chord diagrams will come in time...