Classroom Grooves is a collection of rhythms for use in general classrooms, and of course, Music rooms.  Each Classroom Groove page contains a downloadable, printable, pdf file of the music notation for the groove, an mp3 audio file, individual part movies, and a streaming Quicktime movie of the notation as it plays.

    Classroom Groove #1 has an extended movie with further explanations of the CG concepts, and should be learned fully before moving on to the others.  All of the grooves are meant to be played or sung by either four individuals, or four groups with each group taking a line of the notation. 

    You'll need to have Quicktime installed on your computer to view the movies.  Click here for the free Quicktime download.

    The streaming Quicktime movies on this page work well with Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.  In Explorer, they may  have to fully download before they will play.

Have fun!
Don Hicks


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