Welcome to our "Values Songs" page.  There are 10 different Values/Character Education songs here.  Each one has downloadable sheet music, lyric sheets and downloadable mp3 files.  There are three different mp3 files for each song.  They are:

1.  With vocals
2.  Instrumental Accompaniment Only
3.  Extended Instrumental Accompaniments

  The extended instrumental accompaniments can be used for performances.  Students could be dancing or playing instruments during the first chorus, then singing from the repeat to end.  Repeat marks are indicated on the sheet music for the vocal entrance.

  Also, included for each song, are streaming Karaoke style QuickTime movies with lyrics flashing in tempo along with the vocal version of the song.  This will be very helpful for learning the songs.  QuickTime 7 or higher is required to view these movies.  You can download QuickTime 7 at http://www.apple.com

  For teachers, we have also included .pdf files of lyric sheets with multiple copies of the same song on each page.  This will reduce your printing/copying needs.  The pages can be cut into columns.

  All of these copyright protected songs are available for your use free of charge.  All that is asked of you, is to please check out the mrfiddle/Rainbow Recorder/Values Songs store.  We have T~Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Clocks, Stickers, Magnets, etc. available.  The only money made from this project is from the narrow percentage over cost.  Magnets or Buttons make for great student motivators!

The Songs

1. Cooperation has a 1960s surf music feel. The melody can be played
easily by intermediate level recorder and violin students.

2. Responsibility has an island flavor with a steel drum melody line.
This is a very easy piece for beginning recorder players involving
only use of the left hand.

3. Citizenship is a jazz waltz that can be performed by intermediate
level recorder players, violin, keyboard, etc.

4. Kindness is set to an African rhythm. In the extended version, the
repeat is between bars three and eighteen.

5. Respect has a string quartet classical accompaniment. The melody
can be performed easily by beginning level recorder and violin

6. Honesty has two distinct rhythms in an alternating pattern. The
first is classical guitar and strings. The second rhythm shifts gears
into a Rap/Motown feel.

7. Self-Control has a driving country & western feel to it with fiddle
taking up the melody. The repeat is between bar three and the end.

8. Tolerance has a Reggae feel to it. The repeat on the extended version
is from the beginning of the melody to bar 34.

9.  Gratitude has a Native American feel to it, and makes an excellent part
of a Thanksgiving program.

10.  Knowledge has a slight rap feel to it with a bit of classic violin etude.

The Composers

  Don Hicks has been teaching, performing, and recording music in South Florida since the mid 1970s, working as a band member in countless bands and venues as well as a solo performer. He has played in concert with Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, Dr. John, and many others. Don has also taught violin since the early 1980s. Some of his former students are now working as music professionals and educators. He is certified in Music K-12 and Elementary Education. Don has worked as a teacher at Hollywood Central Elementary since the early 1990s.

  Lynn Hicks is an accomplished elementary school teacher who has taught for 16 years. She is certified in Elementary Education (K-6), Exceptional Student Education (K-12), is Gifted Endorsed, and National Board Certified. She is also a teacher at Hollywood Central Elementary School.

Don and Lynn wrote and performed all of the accompaniment tracks on this project.

The Vocalists

  Ashlee Madhukar is 14 years old, and has already performed as a singer and violinist at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. She was selected for Florida’s All State Chorus two times, has performed with the Florida Grand Opera, and will be performing at New York’s Carneigie Hall with her school chorus. Ashlee has also been invited to sing with the A.C.D.A. (American Choral Director’s Association) in Charleston, West Virginia.

  Jules Nelson, an up and coming rhythm and blues artist, is currently working as P.E. teacher at Hollywood Central Elementary. Jules records frequently with Dillard High School’s Recording program, and is performing with “Blazin’ Entertainment” at clubs in Miami’s South Beach.

Thank you for any interest,

Don & Lynn Hicks