The Rainbow Recorder Club Belt Songs

*  All songs must be played clearly with proper technique, hand placement, and musical rhythm.  Playing along with the QuickTime Movies is strongly encouraged.  This will require a fast computer connection and the latest version of QuickTime installed.  QuickTime is available from .

1. White Belt
Hot Cross Buns

5. Green Belt
1.  C Major Scale One Octave Up and Down
2.  D Major Scale One Octave Up and Down

C Major Shockwave Help File
D Major Shockwave Help File

2. Red Belt
Mary Had a Little Lamb

6. Blue Belt

3. Orange Belt

7. Black Belt

4. Yellow Belt
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in D

8. Double Black Belt
Ability to sight read songs.  This will take much extra effort and research on your own in your studies!  Check out all of the other links on the page with the Rainbow Recorder.  If you get this far, you will have really accomplished a good start to learning to play an instrument, which is something you can keep with you the rest of your life!
All the Notes on Your Recorder Shockwave Help File

Do your best.  Have fun!