mrfiddle a.k.a. Don Hicks

I have been performing, teaching, and recording music in South Florida's nightclubs, schools, and recording studios regularly since 1975. As a youth, I studied violin in the Boston area for 14 years where I was a member of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Ocrchestra (GBYSO), American Youth Performs (AYP), as well as The Beantown Rhythm Boys, a Bluegrass Band. I am presently working with two different bands in the South Florida area. I also perform jazz standards, folk fiddle tunes, and light classics as a solo act. My violin students meet with me as a group two times per week after school. I made this page for my students and any other students around the world that might get some enjoyment from it. This web page is a part of a larger project I am developing called "Violin & Technology". I hope that if you have found your way to my page that you will want to use it for practice and fun again and again. Thanks for visiting. Come again soon!

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