MIDI Files and Your Browser

When you click on one of the "Click here for a Pop-Up Play Along" links the following should happen:

In Netscape: A little rectangular box will pop up that has the "Play" and "Stop" buttons, and the sound will play. If this does not happen, look to your menu bar. Under "Options", drag down to "Helpers". Scroll down until you see the MIDI icon. "Edit" to have Netscape's internal player play MIDI files, then click on "Apply" before you exit. If the little box pops up, but you don't have any sound, check the MIDI Mapper in your computer's control panels. Also, look to see where your MIDI Driver is sending the MIDI signal. The sound information can either be sent to your computer's internal sound card or to the Joystick Port on the back of your computer. If it is going to that port, you would need to plug in another sound player (like a musical keyboard) via a special MIDI convertion cable.

In WebTV: The sound will play. If you press the Option key, you will see Play, Stop, and Pause buttons.

In AOL and Microsoft Explorer: I have no experience with these programs. Check your on-line help options for information on how to make the kinds of changes I've desribed for Netscape. They should be about the same.

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