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Mr. Hicks' 1998-1999 Second Grade

Welcome to our 1998-1999 Second Grade page. I am very excited about this year's class. I'm sure it will be my best class ever! I have always been very involved with music, technology, photography, video production, and how to combine those interests with good teaching. In the past, my classes have created video's about earthquakes, the State Song of Florida, (which won First Place in a county-wide Social Studies Project), the Solar System, the Water Cycle, and other interesting areas of study. We are very fortunate to have access to video production equipment and computers with internet access. I hope that all of you with internet access at home will feel free to E-mail me at the address below with your ideas, questions, comments, requests, etc. Thank you for visiting our page. Come again soon! Mr. Hicks

Mr. Hicks

Second Grade
Hollywood Central Elementary School