Mr. Hicks
I would like to acknowledge you and congratulate you on a phenomenal accomplishment. Your children are wonderful. Below is the email I sent to the music, TV broadcasting, peer counseling departments, guidance, administration, and the CAB conference at my school.
"I found this on IR just now - IT IS PHENOMENAL!!! Read the message and listen - it will make you cry.. For those of you old enough to remember it, reminds me of "We Are the World"!! But its elementary children. We need to use this, and really promote it as part of the anti-bullying program."
I hope every other school does the same. Once again, kudos on you initiative, creativity, and dedication to our children.
Lorraine M.
Nova Middle School

WOW! That is great! Congratulations !
Rita A.
NBCT 2001

Awesome job!!! I forwarded it to my guidance counselor
Ms. Jill P.
Sheridan Park Elementary

WOW, this is WONDERFUL:) Your students are very lucky to have such a talented and committed music teacher. Keep up the great job.
I forwarded the information to my music teacher as well as to some other friends at different schools.
Letitia I.
First Grade Math & Science Teacher/NESS Liaison/SAC Chair
Rock Island Elementary

Wow!!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!!! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this with me. I can't wait to start teaching it to my kindergarten class at North Lauderdale. Please share with us when you are going to appear on Oprah! Again, job well done!

Don: Fantastic job! I've already forwarded it to my guidance counselor. What a beautiful achievement!
C. Susan S.
Music Specialist
Westchester Elementary School

What a great song and the production is wonderful. I will start using it with my kindergarten tomorrow.
Thank you for your hard work.
Roberta K.
Charles Drew Elementary School

Wow!!!! This is very impressive! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!
Meryl J., NBCT MC Gen 2006
Manatee Bay Elementary

Job well done to both you and Ms. Frankovitz!!!! :-)
Mrs. Gina B.
Certified teacher of mathematics, 8th grade
Nova Middle School
I'm so impressed...I'll be sharing it with my sixth graders on are so talented!
Cindy F.
Language Arts Teacher
Indian Ridge Middle School

They are sooo cute !!! congrats !!! :)
VÈronique W.
Taravella High School
World Languages

AWESOME!!! It is beautiful. I am sure it will take on around the county.
Christine T., ABD
Olsen Middle School

WOW! That is great! Congratulations !
Rita A.
NBCT 2001

What a great song. Your kids should be very proud of themselves.....
Dianna H.
5th Grade Science Teacher
Plantation Park Elementary

Thank you! I'm sending this to my niece to make sure her Elementary age children hear it!
Marianne  M., M. S.
Speech Language Pathologist
BTU Steward
Cypress Bay High School

Good morning.
My name is Lynda D., I am your SIU contact for school safety and security. I found your Bully song on IR, and am very impressed to say the least. Congratulations to you and your students for a job well done.
Lynda D.
Gang Prevention Coordinator
Professional Standards & Special Investigative Unit

I love the song! I will share with my students! Thanks so much :)
Michelle V.
4th Grade Gifted Teacher, M.Ed.
Eagle Ridge Elementary